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DTG produces stunning art clarity at 1200 DPI. Screen prints are grainier images with ~ 45 LPI. Big difference!

Direct to garment printing, a/k/a “DTG Printing”, is a form of digital printing for tee shirts and apparel where any image is printed directly onto a textile, creating a vibrant look that’s built to last.

The DTG process is similar to a paper printer, so you have a wider range of what can be created — and a less expensive way to do it.

DTG is rapidly overtaking screen printing because it produces a much higher resolution (45lpi vs 1200dpi) so your images are tight, crisp, and realistic — just like your digital image. Plus, there is no minimum order, no set-up fees, and your order can be filled very quickly.

OutLine Custom Apparel is an expert in direct to garment printing located in Woodland, CA, close to nearby Davis. We know how to create affordable, attractive, comfortable, and durable products quickly and accurately using the full spectrum of colors.

DTG Fulfillment Process (How it Works)

Show Us Your Art

Digital images like photos or renderings are best, but even if you only have a sketch or an idea… we can take it from there. We’ll bounce a few proofs back and forth for your approval before printing.

Digital Optimization

By digitally enhancing your image as much as possible, everything you love about the original art displays boldly in the final printing.

Priming the Surface

Your garment will be coated with an adhering solution that allows the ink to be printed into the fibers. The solution is then cured by heat prior to printing.

Ready to Print

When your artwork is finalized and the material has been primed, we move into the printing phase. DTG works much like your printer at home – inkjet onto the fabric. We start with a white base coat, then recreate your color image just as you imagined it.

Curing the Image

Using a high heat treatment your image is sealed into your fabric for long lasting usage.

Ready to Go

Once the drying is completed, your beautiful customized DTG printed apparel is ready for pick-up or delivery.

Recommended Care

Wash first before wearing. Always wash inside-out in cold water.