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DTG is like a paper printer using digital images directly from the computer. This gives you freedom

Wait times to fill orders at most screen printers can be agonizing. It’s a drawn out process, and most shops require minimum orders of 25, 50, 100 or more.

On top of that you’re likely to be faced with set-up fees that ratchet up your price per piece.

It’s costly to screen print… but we have a solution

On the new frontier of Direct-to-Garment technologies, these delays and extra set-up expenses do not exist. If you have a need for just one or a small quantity of items and need it fast, it’s not an issue with OutLine’s DTG printing.

Tee shirts, hats, uniforms, tote bags, hoodies, polo shirts, shoes, socks or even pillow cases if you want them. All without delay, set-up fees, or minimums.