“I’m in a big rush, can you help me?”

We hear this all the time. And our answer is usually… “Yes, with pleasure!”

The magic of DTG printing is that it’s so easy — producing faster and superior results versus traditional time-consuming manual screen printing.

Yes, our technicians need to have savoir faire to make images pop, be brilliant and clear on your apparel. And that’s what separates us from the others.

By using direct-to-garment printing techniques there are no screen printing messes to deal with. We start by creating your perfect image in digital format on our specialized printing computers. We electronically clean them up, sharpen the lines, clarify the colors — then we’re ready to print.

This process is handled by our technicians specially trained in photgraph and digital image enhancement. Once your image suits exactly what you want it to appear like on your garment, it’s programmed into the printer and we’re set to go.

By inserting the garment into the printer, the image is then sprayed into the material creating the perfect image. Prep and drying time is fairly quick, and this is why we can produce your printed garments and accessories the same day in most cases.

We’re located in Woodland, California, very close to David, California, so if you’re in these areas, you can have your order ready with the snap of a finger. Of course we can ship to any location in California or elsewhere, just allow for a little extra time for delivery time.

IF you need your apparel printing fast, accurate, and affordable …

…OutLine Custom Apparel is your solution.

“Thanks Mike! I couldn’t believe in just one day your could get my four shirts and caps printed. You saved the day!”